Risk Management


CO2 Monitoring

Silo Bags has invested in a unique risk management solution that provides risk management to financiers, insurers and large commercial users and the Silo Bag industry in general.

The monitoring of CO2 levels and risk management of the commodities has reached a level that now offers many advantages.


The systems goals include:

  • To control the grain storage in the Silo Bag in order to anticipate any possible damages to the commodities insides the bag

  • To assist in the logistics of the grain

  • To recognise the possibility of damaged Silo Bags and to unload these first, or attend to the management of those damaged bags to reduce loses

  • To trace the grain from harvest to final sale

  • To provide possible consumers of grain stored with information about it

  • To provide banks and insurers with the information of grain stored in the bags.

  • The bags are labelled with a single RFID tag

  • The tag number is related to the serial number of the bag

  • The Silo Bag is Georeferenced

  • RFID patches to identify each point of measurement and to keep the Silo Bags hermetically sealed


Database Software:

  • Can administrate the samples taken at different points in the stocks.

  • Allows to get the Silo Bag conditions using the “rate of risks at storage process”.

  • Creates reports that can turn into spreadsheets.

  • Printable reports.

  • Shows the evolution of parameters.

This is achieved by the instrument which is:

  • Bluetooth connected

  • Android smartphone user interface

  • Measures CO2, temperature, humidity and grain moisture

  • Allows to upload some observations such as damaged bags, flooded areas etc

  • Includes an RFID Tag reader

  • Is capable of measuring up to 80 Silo Bags each day

  • (12 points per silo Bag)

Rate of Risks at Storage:

  • It warns about the risk of the stored grains

  • It is calculated in relation to the measured parameters and their evolution