A new system for storing grains


Silo Bag proudly introduces a new system which stores the grains and forages in a safe, economical and profitable way.

Our bags are designed to achieve the optimal preservation of grains either at the harvest site or a dedicated storage site The bagging process is done by means of a high performance, low cost and easily transportable machine.



The most advanced app based grain storage, logistics and contracting system in the world.



The cheapest, cleanest way to store almost any agricultural commodity.



Cereals, pulses, legumes, oilseeds, almonds, almond hulls, cotton seed and most other agricultural commodities.


 Advantages of the Silo Bag System

  • The segregated grains can be easily sampled by means of a conventional sampler

  • Grain retains its quality and colour

  • The bag is airtight, therefore chemicals are not normally required to control insects

  • Perfect for organic commodities

  • Freight costs reduced by negotiating freight rates out of peak harvest times

  • Can eliminate costly harvester downtime

  • Harvest times are greatly accelerated

  • Very quick implementation of large tonnage sites

  • Suitable for both extreme heat and extreme cold climates

  • Eliminates costly on farm storage systems.

  • Very low cost per ton of stored grain

  • The on farm storage of your grains greatly expands the marketing opportunities of the commodity

  • Grains can be stored at a higher moisture content than is allowed in traditional receival systems

  • Store on farm with no wastage or slippage

  • Storage in a year of high/excess production is unlimited

  • You only buy what storages you need

  • The system is totally portable/relocatable

  • Grains can be stored as to variety, grade, protein or for any other reason to segregate


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